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Posted Nov 2, 2014

VGSA FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

How much does it cost to register?  In 2023, the cost for T-Ball and training league is $90.00. 8U $125 and 10U - 14U is $150. There are discounts for multiple players from the same family and scholarships are available.  Since 2019,  VGSA has raised or prices by $5 for the 10-14u age group and kept it the same for T-ball and training league.  Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers we are able to keep our costs down.

How do I apply for Scholarship? These forms can be provided during our in-person registration events or you can email [email protected] and ask for an electronic copy. Since VGSA is a volunteer-run organization, we do ask that our scholarship recipients commit to a certain amount of hours as part of the scholarship approval process. We have a limited amount of scholarships available each season and will base our selections on the families that have the greatest need.

My daughter is new to VGSA, what is the procedure to get her on a team?  If you are looking for a league only team then register your player online at or during one of our in-person registration events which will be posted on our website. (normally 2 dates in February) If this is your first time playing, then please be prepared to upload or bring a copy of your daughter’s birth certificate to verify age.

After the final registration date, the various league directors will gather all of the registrations for their age group and form teams. First, they will go through and put together returning teams. These teams could have as few as 2 returning members, or they could be full. Next, they go through all the special requests, girls who wish to play on a certain team, or with a friend they signed up with. When placing new players on a team we do our best to consider practice locations and place them with a team that practices closest to their home/school. If there are enough remaining players to form a new team we will try to find a coach and form a new team. This process should be complete and you should hear from your daughter's coach by March 1st. If you have concerns or questions after March 1st, please contact the appropriate age group League Director. Their names and contact information are posted on the Personnel page of this website:

If your daughter is interested in finding a tournament team, then you can find a listing of teams still looking for players on this page of our web site:  Since these teams are independent of VGSA, you will need to contact them directly to arrange a try-out. VGSA lists this information as a courtesy and does not make any player decisions for travel/tournament teams.

What expense can I expect for uniforms? A tee-shirt and matching pair of socks are included in league fees for all T-ball, Training League and 8U players. Any further expense you may incur will be for matching pants/shorts, visors and or other articles decided upon each team. These additional items are optional and are not required to play for these divisions. For players in 10U age divisions and above, uniforms are decided upon by each team and will be separate from the league registration fees. If a team has a player fee then uniforms should be included. Please make sure to ask the coach to provide a detailed budget explaining what the player's fee covers before committing to the team.

What kind of playing equipment will my daughter need?  Beginning players will need a mitt that fits her hand and allows her to hold a ball in without it falling out. Although athletic shoes will work, most girls wear softball (or soccer) shoes with rubber cleats. (Metal cleats are only allowed at 14U and older travel divisions.) While the teams have access to VGSA equipment such as helmets, bats, and catchers gear, most parents, for health and sanitary reasons choose to purchase their players their own batting helmet with face mask.

What size and kind of softball with the girls use?  T-Ball (5 and 6 year-olds) use a 10" Softie softball. Training League (7 and 8 year-olds) use an 11" Softie softball. 10U (9 and 10-year-olds) use an 11" hard softball.  All girls 12U and above use a 12" hard softball. 

What are player fees and why do teams have them? There are no player fees for T-ball, Training League, and 8U. 10U and up player fees may be accessed by the specific team to help cover the cost of uniforms, tournament fees, coach's expenses, softballs, and other needed equipment. Each team is required by VGSA to provide a detailed expense report outlining each expense and provide a written player/parent contract. A team must have a treasurer to track all income and expenses and report details on a monthly basis to each member of the team. Player fees may not be necessary if teams receive outside sponsorships and/or donations.

When does the season begin and end? League play at VGSA will begin in early April and goes through the end of June. Those tournament 10U and above may continue to play throughout July and possibly into August.

Are all league games played at VGSA? Yes. If coaches choose to set up a scrimmage with another team then those games will most likely be played at another site determined by both teams.

What is the practice schedule and where will they be? Times, days of the week, and where practices are held are up to the coach. Some (but not all) teams will get their practice field assigned to them by VGSA while other teams have found their own field(s). At the team meeting prior to beginning practices, the coach will outline where and when practices will be held. 

What time do the games start?  In 2018 games were held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursday evenings starting at 6 pm. Each age division generally plays one to two games per week.  Each season the days of the week may change for each age group based on the number of teams signed up. 

How many games will each team play? The exact number will be determined by the number of teams registered. Most teams average 12-14 regular league games per season. Some teams also participate in tournaments but these are not considered regular league play. 

My daughter has never played softball before. Is VGSA a good place for recreational play?  Yes!  From T-Ball – 10U, VGSA is the ideal place for your daughter to learn to play softball and our rules are geared towards recreational level play. At 12U and above, the teams and rules will get more competitive so new players may find this age division more challenging than other softball organizations.  League Directors are always striving to get enough teams at this level to split into a recreational and competitive division, but this may not always be possible. Please contact the league directors to understand what to expect if your daughter is joining VGSA for the first time at the 12u age level. There may also be an option for them to start at the lower age division so they can get more developmental focus.

Is there a minimum playing requirement at VGSA?  Yes, VGSA requires that coaches play each player a minimum of 2 innings per game for an estimated 4 inning game or 3 innings for a 6 inning game. These innings do not have to be consecutive. While we do encourage coaches to focus on player development and move players around so they can get exposure to all positions, this cannot be guaranteed. Please make sure to talk to your coach about their philosophy and make sure it aligns with the goals you have for your player. If you desire a change in team assignment then contact a league coordinator for assistance. 

How many players will be on each team? 11 or 12 is normal for our league teams.  In rare instances, we have had to require teams to carry more but that is not our goal.

Why am I required to work the concessions and/or provide trash duty? VGSA is a volunteer-run organization. Each team will be required to help with concessions and/or trash duty during league play except for T-ball. This enables us to keep our labor costs and registration fees as low as possible. VGSA also hosts tournaments on the weekends and concession help is often provided by teams and organizations as a fundraising opportunity. If your team or organization is interested in working a tournament to raise funds to contact the [email protected].

Why am I required to help with work parties? Again, VGSA is a volunteer organization. All work completed at the complex and on the fields is the responsibility of our parents, players, coaches and Board members. In order for VGSA to maintain low registration costs, we must count on participation from all those involved with the organization. The property is owned by the county and is provided for our use as long as VGSA continues to maintain and improve the complex and the surrounding fields.

Does VGSA have a fundraising commitment? No, however to keep our league fees as low as possible we depend on our volunteers. VGSA strives to continually raise money needed for complex improvements.  We may also have a raffle at the end of the season party but purchasing tickets will be optional.

Why doesn’t VGSA have lighting for their fields? The land is zoned as a Greenspace therefore no permanent lighting is allowed to be placed on the fields.

I would like to coach a team, how do I get started?  That’s great!  Please register as a coach on our website.  The link will be right below the player registration. Once we receive your information, a League Director will be in contact on the next steps and be there every step of the way to support you through the season. All coaches will need to go through an ASA background check, ACE certification, Concussion and Cardiac Arrest training (online videos). Details and links can be found on our website under the League Info tab.


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For rainout information call the VGSA Info Line: 360-699-0664 or get updates via Facebook by liking VGSA Fast Pitch


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