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Meet the Candidates

Board Elections will take place on Tuesday, September 18th at 7 pm. Please look for an email soon with information on the candidates. All parents and coaches are encouraged to attend this meeting to vote for the new board. Official voters are any parent or coach that was registered to play at VGSA in 2018. One vote per family.


Physical: 800 NE 117th St., Vancouver, 98685
Mail: P.O. Box 65099
Vancouver, WA 98665

For rainout information call the VGSA Info Line: 360-699-0664 or get updates via Facebook by liking VGSA Fast Pitch

Next Board Meeting:

March 9, 2020 at 7 PM at VGSA Fields

Every 2nd Monday of the month

Feb. 22nd Field Clean-Up Party
Volunteer hours for teams
9am - 2pm

Feb. 22nd last in-person registration
12pm - 2pm

Field Calendar that shows league days, high school games, the team try out dates and tournaments.

Maura Martin

Hello everyone, I am Maura Martin the current president of VGSA.

I am running for reelection in 2018. Just to tell you a little about myself, how I got into this role, lastly why I want to stay for another 2 years.
I basically grew up in Vancouver after moving to the west coast in 1976. I am married to my husband Steve and my youngest daughter will be a freshman at Prairie High school this fall. Professionally I am the Regional Safety Director for a fortune 500 company. My day to day job is focusing on protecting our employees and neighbors from the hazards associated with the products we manufacture and distribute.

I have participated in almost every role at VGSA. My mother signed me up in the early 80’s when other programs weren’t really geared for girls. I have had both of my daughters play at VGSA. I have coached, volunteered in concessions, field crew, and field clean-up days. 4 years ago I was asked to run for secretary and with some apprehensions, threw my hat into the ring. 2 years ago I ran for president when Scott Smith decided to focus on President of Washington State USA softball.

What I am drawn to at VGSA is the sense of community, everyone pulls together for a common goal of girl’s fastpitch. Year over year we continue to make improvements and continue to raise money to provide scholarships for families can’t afford for their daughters to play, continuing to improve the complex and ensuring to have money in reserves in the event of flooding or some other serious event.

My vision for VGSA is very much in line with the core values of VGSA – To foster an environment to grow girls who are playing softball at all levels of play from rec teams to travel ball. This year we have had new folks volunteer for the board and it is great to have more new, bright and innovative ideas to continue to grow the organization. I would like my next 2 years as president to continue to make improvements to the complex (leveling the fields and improve drainage would be my top 2). I do believe that we have an amazing group of parents, coaches, and girls; every year we have seen more participation on all levels.

Thank you all for providing me the opportunity to serve for the last few years. VGSA is very special to me and I want to see it continue for generations to come.

Vision Statement Maura Martin.pdf

Nikki Meler

Hello Everyone, I'm Nikki Meler.

I’m submitting a letter to express my strong desire to be considered for the position of President at Vancouver Girls Softball Association. I fully believe I’m qualified to fill the position due to my work experience in dealing with various groups of people and directing them to a common goal. In addition, I do have an established history of 18 years with the association.

I’ve built my career in a variety of roles which provide me with a unique skill set for this position. I have also included my past involvement with the Vancouver Girls Softball Association.

The strengths I would bring to this position are:

• 20+ years of leading teams and directing toward a common goal
• Strategic Planning, Project Management, and Budget experience
• Developing synergy within a Team
• Change Management

I am an individual who thrives on meeting new challenges and strives for improvement at all levels.

In addition to being flexible and responsive, I’m also a fanatic for details. I have also attached a Vision statement, outlining a 30 day, 90 days and 5 years plan to improve the Vancouver Girls Softball Association and what it represents to the community. I am creative, motivated, and innovative and I thrive on new challenges.

In closing, please accept this letter as my intent to run for the position of President on the Vancouver Girls Softball Association board. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Vision Statement Nikki Meler.pdf