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Why Use Mouth Guards?
Posted Mar 11, 2015

One piece of athletic gear that’s essential is a mouth guard. While athletes participating in contact sports are at a higher risk for injury, dental protection is a must in any sport. You never know when a rogue ball or an accidental collision may take place. Here are three, really good, reasons to wear a mouth guard while playing fastpitch: 


  1. Injury prevention
    • Wearing a mouth guard can help prevent chips, cracks, knockouts, and many other impact related injuries. They protect your teeth by helping to cushion an impact to your face. Participants who do not wear mouth guards are 60 times more likely to experience damage to their teeth!
  2. Savings
    • Any medical treatment that may be required after an injury can get expensive. To avoid these fees, you’ll want to protect yourself the best you can! You can get basic mouth guards for very inexpensive at your local store. The best option is a mouth guard customized to fit you. They are the most effective and comfortable mouth guards.
  3. Team Pride
    • We can make mouth guards in all sorts of colors. We can even add the players’ numbers to the front. Their mouth guards can become a team accessory, and work to bring everyone together!

Thanks to the generosity of our Premier Sponsor, The Modern Orthodontist, every team that plays league at VGSA can get free custom mouth guards for their teams.  Please see this flyer for more details and email to schedule your team fittings.