Age Divisions and Levels of Play

Age Divisions  (Age as of January 1st)

T-Ball: (Ages 5-6) T-Ball introduces young players to the basics of the game.  Games are held every Saturday during the season. The purpose is to have FUN and learn the game. Players use an ten inch “Incrediball” (softer softball) for safety.

Training League (coach pitch): (Ages 6-7) Players continue to learn fundamentals. The coach pitches to the players, but they can still use a “T” for their last strike. Players continue to use an eleven inch “Incrediball” (softer softball).

8 and Under(Ages 7-8) This level is for those players who have already played at least one year of training league, or, for those that will have to move up to 10U the following season. Girls will be introduced to some of the 10U rules which will help to make the transition to 10U easier.  (Girls will begin to pitch from 30′, as well as learn to bunt and lead off) see the League Rules for more specifics.

10 and Under: (Ages 9-10) Pitchers pitch from 35 feet. Coaches assist in pitching to minimize walks while they are learning.  They continue to use an 11 ” ball, but it is a regular softball. Base stealing is introduced, but no one can steal home. Tournaments are introduced at this level. There may be some travel involved at the higher “A” level.

12 and Under: (Ages 11-12) We move to standard 12 “softball and Amateur Softball Association (ASA) rules. The pitching distance is forty feet.

14 and Under: (Ages 13-14)

16 and Under: (Ages 15-16)*

18 and Under: (Ages 17-18)*

*43 foot pitching distance. 12 inch softball.

 Levels of Play

We have three levels of play within each age division 10U and above:

 Tournament (A) To qualify in this division:

  1. Teams must find their own players
  2. Teams expect to play in at least six tournaments for the coming year and are trying to qualify for the State, Regional, and/or the “A” National Championship Tournaments.
  3. Teams will have player/team fund-raising expectations of greater than $200 per team member. This expectation may or may not  include travel expenses.
  4. Team uniforms are usually a little nicer and better quality at this level.
  5. “A” teams are allowed to have tryouts.
  6. First year 10U teams are not approved for A level play.
  7. Players are not guarenteed a returning spot on the team that they played on the previous year.

 Non-Tournament (A or B)  To qualify in this division:

  1. Teams may find most of their own players but the appropriate age level league director is available to help and/or assign players to the team.
  2. Teams plan to play in at least three, but no more than six tournaments for the coming year.
  3. Teams will have a player/team fundraising expectation of no more than $100 per team member.
  4. Uniforms are typically a little less expensive than at the “A” Tournament level.
  5. Classic teams can have tryouts at 12U and above. 10U teams can only have tryouts for open positions after all returning members have signed up.

Recreational (B) To qualify in this division:

  1. The league will assign available players first to the recreational teams.
  2. Teams may not play in more than two local area tournaments (other than the local District tournment).
  3. Fund raising should be kept at under $50 per player.
  4. Required uniforms should also be kept to an affordable investment by team parents.
  5. No tryouts are allowed for recreational teams.
  6. Returning players may stay on the same team if they register by the first registration date.